A Trip to Cuba is a Trip Back in Time

If you’ve ever seen Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, you might have wondered what it would feel like to travel back in time, to experience a place in its heyday and explore an authentic golden age. You’re in luck: Cuba makes this exact experience possible. Havana is an escape back to the 1950’s. Roam the streets, encountering sights like antique cars, art deco architecture, and jazz musicians filling the cobblestone streets with melodies from their trumpets and saxophones. You’ll forget what shopping malls and restaurant chains even look like as you rediscover locally-owned, niche bookstores, cafés, and mom-and-pop stores. Go a step further to Trinidad, and gain access to a glimpse of the 1800’s, as vintage cars are replaced by horse carriages, and colonial villas with impressive courtyards take the place of art deco buildings.

Cruise along the sea wall of Malecon. Nothing beats riding in a colorful vintage cabriolet, cigar in hand, listening to the waves crash over the city wall. Experience a Audrey-Hepburn afternoon of rest and relaxation as the wind sifts through your hair on the coast of Cuba. Put aside all inclinations to consider this a hollow tourist endeavor and rest assured that this is a long-standing tradition in Cuba. Our driver inherited his car from his father, who inherited it from his grand-uncle. Each car and driver have a distinctive history that you will enjoy hearing over the course of your ride.

Stay in a colonial villa. Chat over breakfast with your host about their life in Havana, the revolution that took place in the country, or their politics all while drinking the smoothest coffee in the world. Gaze out over the large, peaceful courtyards as you plan your day or spend a restful afternoon in the sunshine. There is no better place to take a break from the bustle of a new and exciting country.

Experience life unplugged. With spotty internet and sky-high fees for international calls, you are freely encouraged to disconnect and immerse yourself in the world around you. There is live music not just in bars and jazz clubs, but on every corner of Havana. If you are lucky you may spot the big names: “Los Van Van” happens to play in Havana Vieja and many Afro-Cuban stars perform in Casa de la musica. But if the fates do not align for you to see these performers, no need to worry. Cubans have music flowing through their veins and everyone from the notable musician to those on the street corners play their instruments with virtuosity and heart—and there are always salseros ready to teach you a few steps, so don’t hesitate grab a irresistible mojito and loosen up enough to have the time of your life!

Ready to take the next step? See how we can help you plan the itinerary and make your travel effortless.

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